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A Word From The Authors

We are so excited to finally get to share Quest For Brightland,

Book 1, The Blessing Ball with you!

As a Co-Author/Illustrator Team of Sisters (in-law), we have spent years laughing, and crying, together while creating the magical world of Brightland. It is our dream that the illustrations bring you joy, and that you are inspired  by the power and magic of gratitude as you see it working in your life. 


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Angeleah Donahue



Angeleah Donahue is the Author/Illustrator and most notably the Visionary and Creator of the magical World of Brightland. Angeleah has spent the past 12 years drawing and perfecting the world of Brightland as the foundation for the upcoming Quest For Brightland Series and the first book The Blessing Ball.


Angeleah is a self-taught artist and writer. She loves life and is a passionately spiritual person. The value of gratitude has been a profoundly personal one for her and she thinks life truly shines more and more with every thankful moment. 

The Blessing Ball book was inspired by the Great Creator. The characters in the book are a Fairy Tale reflection of the members of her family at the time of writing. 

She grew up one of seven children in the small town of Fairfax in California.  Her family is still very close and often get together to celebrate life with sparkling Abba-themed dance parties! 

Angeleah is beyond excited to share The Blessing Ball and the world of Brightland with you!

Angleah Donahue, Author/Illustrator

Ashley Bell


A couple years after Angeleah dreamed up the Blessing Ball, and began the journey of illustrating the book on her own, she asked her sister-in-law artist Ashley Bell to join her team. Together they collaborated on illustrations, ideas, and world building. Ashley has been a cheerleader, sounding board, idea organizer, web designer, editor, voice of wisdom, and the creator of many of the magical places in Brightland. She is the BEST partner anyone could ask for! 


Ashley Bell is a full-time artist, mother, and mermaid enthusiast. She lives by the water in California. Her love for bright colors and her habit of day dreaming lead her to create art that is both whimsical and surreal. In addition to illustrating children’s books, she works as a fine-art painter, photographer and graphic designer. You can view her personal website at

Ashley Bell Author Illustrator Quest For Brightland The Blessing Ball
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