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Bring Home the Magic of Gratitude

Book 1

Welcome To Brightland!

Unlike any children’s book you’ve ever seen, The Blessing Ball weaves the lesson of gratitude into a beautifully illustrated fairytale you will want to read again and again.  

Your children will love to learn about Butterpillars, Sparklebugs, and the majestic Flying Fire Lions as they join fairy princess Catalinabright on her quest to overcome fear.  

Praised by parents, teachers, and mindfulness educators, The Blessing Ball is a truly captivating work of art that delights and inspires children to shift their focus to thankfulness, as they learn to count their blessings.

Quest For Brightland Book 1 The Blessing Ball

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Learn How Fun & Easy

Gratitude Is Together.

What you focus on Grows! 

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Winner of the 2020

Mom's Choice Awards!

The Mom's Choice Awards honors excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. An esteemed panel of judges includes education, media and other experts as well as parents, children, librarians, performing artists, producers, medical and business professionals, authors, scientists and others. Parents and educators look for the Mom's Choice Awards seal in selecting quality materials and products for children and families. The Blessing Ball has been honored with a Gold Level Distinguished Award. -The Mom’s Choice Awards

Gratitude is life-changing power that can bring happiness and peace to you and your loved ones for years to come.

The Blessing Ball Christmas Gift for kids

Take a Peek Inside The Book!


Counting Your Blessings Helps Children Who Are Scared Overcome Stress and Anxiety.

The Blessing Ball teaches children the importance of gratitude, helping them to focus on positivity and to be thankful for all the good things they already have, as well as the good things they can create. 

With all the negativity and uncertainty in the world today,

there has never been a more important time to teach children how to find happiness & peace through gratitude. 


Shift your family's focus to thankfulness.

Teach your children to count their blessings with The Blessing Ball.

Blessing Ball
Power of gratitude
Quest For Brightland The Blessing Ball Book

Touch & feel sparkles on every page!

~11" x 14" Hardcover children's book 

~Glittered dust jacket

~The Blessing Ball story, ideal for children ages 3-10 

~56 pages of beautiful illustrations,

each accented with glitter

~High quality off-set printing

~12 Bonus character bio pages

~ Bonus Brightland map spread

~Count your blessings activity page

~First 3,000 copies come with a free membership to the exclusive Brightland 3000 Club!

Give your child and yourself the gift of daily time to reflect, share and be thankful for all that is good, pure, and lovely in this amazing life.

Counting your blessings with your children is a fun, interactive experience that changes every time you do it!

Crescendo The Blessing Ball



        "While reading The Blessing Ball for the first time, my over-riding sentiment was, "Where has this treasure been hidden and how fortunate for all of us that it has been found!"

        Angeleah and Ashley present the challenge to be actively grateful in a world that most often leaves us wanting. With spectacular illustrations that at once mesmerize and inspire, I feel privileged to have witnessed the presentation of this soon-to-be beloved addition to every child's bedside table. 


        Angeleah, you have created a masterpiece with the gifts you have been given, and now we all get a peek into the unseen lands, where thankfulness leads. 


        Thank you for not giving up on us!"

- Jennifer Tunney, mom of three

        "You want to cultivate more gratitude in your home … but, how to find the time? How to get the kids excited about gratitude? How to add one more thing into the day? 


        The Blessing Ball by Angeleah Donahue is the answer! In this beautiful book, children become excited to develop a gratitude practice that will serve them for years to come.


        Donahue weaves gratitude into an engaging bedtime story, centered around that fantastical world of Brightland. This world is beautifully illustrated and provides a depth to the story that one would expect to find in a movie, but rarely sees in a storybook. My own two children were enamored by Brightland and quickly began relating their own feelings of gratitude to those of the main character.  


        As a former Elementary School Teacher and a current Mindfulness and Positive Discipline Educator, it is refreshing to see a story that is not only engaging, but also promotes an essential life skill such as gratitude. Gratitude is scientifically proven to boost self-esteem, promote a better night’s sleep, enhance empathy, and improve psychological health. All children and adults will benefit from this book. A must read for every family!"

- Laura Knight, Parenting and Mindfulness Teacher

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CatalinaBright The Blessing Ball Quest For Brightland

        "I am a third grade teacher and my students ask me every day to read them more of this wonderful story. The message it sends about gratitude and counting your blessings has helped us talk through the difficult time we are going through right now.


        After reading only a few pages, one of my students said “Changing the way we look at things makes us happier and feel better, and that helps make the people around us feel better’s like a chain reaction.”

        I am thankful for a story that acknowledges fear and anxiety, while encouraging mindfulness and reflection. The illustrations make this story come to life and are truly captivating. Every page gets studied before turned.


        In our classroom we have “rules to live by” and another student said we should add “count your blessings” to the list. We shall! Thank you to Angel and Ashley for giving me another book I will read year after year with students and my own children. Can’t wait for the next one!"

- Diana B, 3rd Grade Teacher

The Blessing Ball Donation

10% of all books printed are donated to children in need.

We believe in giving back to our community & spreading the joy that gratitude brings. 

Please get in touch if you know an organization that would benefit from a Blessing Ball book donation, or if you would like to contribute.

Book 1 is just the Beginning!

Stay tuned for more uplifting stories following the MANY creatures of Brightland as they learn the laws of the universe during their adventures!

The Series


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